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Current Activities:

Folding@Home; Distributed-computing effort to research Protein Folding.

Save the public domain (; Action mailing List Subscriber. See Also: Copyright-Term-Reform (; Occasional contributor.

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Current Projects

nemiGallery (; A VB .NET photogallery and messageboard system aimed at helping a social unit, such as a family or club, share photos/thoughts free of geographical limitations (well at least anywhere there is an internet connection). This project is running way behind.; An on again, off again website that I will eventually use as a focal point for my ramblings and intrests.

Current Things You Can Do

Govt. Regulations Website (; Make your voice heard and participate in the Democratic process. This website allows you to comment on proposals before gov’t. Allows for searchine by Department as well. This is also a good way to stay informed of what is going on and what challenges may be presented in the future.

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