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A cross-platform Web Browser from Netscape Communications, Inc., now owned by AOL/Time Warner.

In its latest version, Netscape Navigator 7 can be downloaded for free from Netscape (’s Web site, also an Internet portal service. It includes most features found in an open-source Gecko-based browser Mozilla version 1.1, (1.3 is the current, latest edition) but also includes:

Netscape 6 and 7 and above are based on Mozilla, an open-source Web Browser project. However, Mozilla is not owned by anyone including Netscape or AOL. Netscape’s product is intended to be smoother and more user-friendly than the developer-centered Mozilla project.

Compared to Mozilla:

  • Netscape 6 and 7 are slower than Mozilla because of extra programs and tools.
  • Netscape adds a variety of useless AOL icons and RealNetworks garbage to your system.
  • Navigator has ceased development of version 7 and instead decided to donate money and server power to the Mozilla Foundation.

Previous versions

The early versions of Navigator introduced a number of important additions to what we now know on the Internet.

  • Netscape 3 – in many ways the foundation of what we know as a Web browser after the orignal Mosaic, Netscape 3 captured the browser market during Netscape’s hey-day.
  • Netscape 4 (Netscape Communicator), also a browser suite, includes a useful e-mail/news client, WYSIWYG HTML editor, and address book. A very cross-platform browser, other Operating Systems and languages can be found on the Netscape FTP ( A standalone version is also available but not as maintained as Communicator. For users who
Although Netscape 4 series is generally faster startup on older systems (Pentium 200 or slower) it has very poor standards-compliance and renders pages slower than most other browsers. Opera is advised for these systems.
  • Netscape 5, largely skipped, some development was completed but otherwise, it was ignored and the code dumped in favor of a fresh rewrite (Mozilla).


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