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Also Known As: Noob

Someone who is new, not elite. Specifically used to refer to people who are uninformed concerning computers or one area of computers, frequently Netiquette, UNIX, or anything with a learning curve. Used most often as an insult or used as an apology “I’m a newbie, sorry.”

Newbies are frequently insulted in subtle ways using slang or inside jokes that they couldn’t be expected to comprehend. This may be a form of hazing or a way to ease the tention of persons who deal with or help Newbies. In the case of the occasional BOFH, however, the intention is to ridicule.


  • SNAFU or PEBKAC, often used to by those who are “in the know” when speaking about or with those who are not.
  • Anti-User sayings like luser.
  • RTFM is often used to handle Newbies.

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