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Newsbin is a capable binary news reader for Windows, but unfortunately is nagware. It has some particularly useful binary-fetching functionality.

Some features and notes:

  • Version 4 and above supports YEnc.
  • Filters out small messages so only binaries are seen.
  • It supports aggregating posts from multiple servers, so that you have a better chance of completion. This is especially useful if you are scrounging around the net looking for open usenet servers (which rarely carry a full feed).
  • Can download several files simultaneously (though 56kers are recommended to stick with 2)
  • Automatically detects parts, so that, say 100 parts, appears to be a single file to download.
  • Optionally, files which don’t have all the parts are not displayed. If you are not getting all the parts, try and find another server to add.
  • It displays thumbnails of images as you are downloading them.
  • Then, select the group you are interested in, then bam, it downloads all the headers, displays all the available files, and starts downloading them. Set it going at bedtime, then come back in the morning and check your bounty. 🙂
  • Oh yeah. One more nice feature. It has a pause button. This is very convenient. Say you are leeching away in the background and then decide you want to refresh iA and Slashdot. Normally, with the background traffic, it would take forever (on a 56k modem). The sollution is to just press the pause button. Download whatever webpages you are after and then restart the downloading by pressing the pause button. And it resumes straight away. More P2P applications should have this feature, since cancelling and then resuming is not quite the same thing as pausing.

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