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A site dedicated to news about open-source and Linux. Newsforge, like Slashdot, is a part of OSTG (formerly OSDN). In contrast to its’ older brother Slashdot the content is relatively not technical and not broad. The news and audience is less geek oriented than Slashdot. It also has far less visitors. The website is rather about open-source than about free software and includes business and trend news as well as negative news about, or critisism to Microsoft or SCO. Occasionaly, a feature includes an extensive explanation about a useful FLOSS program.

Currently (march 2004), one part of the site involves linking to articles with Linux or open-source news. This part is called Newsvac. The other part of the site involves more in depth articles by regular contributors of the site, like Joe Barr. The website had a redesign in late 2003 which lead to many angry responses from its’ users.


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