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A hack for X client and server, with a user-friendly frontend. It allows the user to use remote X in a fast manner, which even works on 56k6 easily while not sacrificing quality or bandwidth. Its roughly as fast as RDP, and faster than VNC. The frontend also works with VNC and RDP, allowing an easy user experience. The client software is available pre-compiled for a number of Unices although not every single one. Also supported is *BSD and Linux. The server only runs on Linux and Solaris.

The client part is fully open source (GPL). The server is proprietary, but a free implementation which implements ~99% of the proprietary NX server is available, called FreeNX, developed by Kanotix ( NoMachine’s commercial version comes with a support contract though, which seems the corporation’s core business. The free implementation was necessary for inclusion in KDE, which is what NoMachine are aiming for. Knoppix, since version 3.6, also comes with a NX client and server.


  • FreeNX ( (alternative repository ( – All other NX software, FAQ, resources are available on NoMachine’s homepage.

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