Ogg Theora

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Home Page: http://www.theora.org

An in-development open source video compression codec with no painful licensing or patent issues. Theora is the video addition to the great selection of audio tools from Xiph.Org their first publicly released video codec. Theora is derived directly from On2‘s VP3 codec. Theora plans to adapt VP3 allowing encoder to dynamically modify numeric values that were fixed in the original VP3 to increase quality by setting them appropriately for the encoded material.

Ogg Theora is currently in late alpha phase and is not recommended for serious encoding projects. APIs might still change, and API changes are planned in Beta 1 according to the development team. Beta 1 is expected Soon. Ogg Theora is actively funded by Fluendo, the corporation particulary known as developing the GStreamer framework. Currently, RTP/RTSP support is being developed for Ogg Theora with funding from Fluendo.

With utilities, some of which are provided hereunder, one can ‘liberate’ an AVI, MPEG and Quicktime to Ogg Theora.


Players which have support for OGG Theora include


TakeDown.NET -> “Ogg-Theora