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A user-edited, non-proprietary, community based web directory. Links are organised by topic with a simple interface, without advertisements.

From the General Info FAQ:

“Other directories such as Yahoo! and LookSmart are developed and managed by small paid staffs. The ODP was founded on the premise that directories with small staffs can not scale to the growth of the Web, and still maintain a quality, current directory.”
The ODP is developed and managed by a constantly growing community of net-citizens who are experts in their areas of interest. Given this vast community of subject expertise and the global nature of the directory, there is always someone working on the directory: processing submissions, resolving linkrot, culling out the bad and keeping only quality information, and discovering new topics to add.

The “” Web address was chosen as short for “Directory Mozilla,” in the spirit of Mozilla‘s open-source project, which came out around the same time. is not the ODP

The content of their Open Directory Project copy may be different from, including sponsored links. As the content of the Open Directory Project is in the public domain, other sites including Google have integrated the database and have found ways to profit from it. is one such page.

Note from The content of this directory is based on the Open Directory and may have been modified by DWodp

Quoted from the commercial page:

“DWodp live is a free PHP powered script which allows you to dynamically insert a pre-populated web directory to your website.”

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