OpenNap Clients

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This list is not exhaustive.

Please also see The Halls Of The Dead for other clients and projects which have gone quiet.


OpenNap clients, cross-platform

OpenNap clients, cross-platform, Java

  • XNap – XNap is a pure java file sharing client licensed under the GNU Public License. It provides a modern Swing based user interface and console support that will run nicely on every platform with a recent JRE or JDK (1.3 or higher)

OpenNap clients, *nix

OpenNap clients, Mac-only

  • 2get – client for Mac OS Classic / Mac OS X.

OpenNap clients, Windows-only

  • AudioGnome – A fine client written in VB, with lots of powerful features, especially for searching multiple servers.
  • WinMX – An infamous client now in frequent use. Many OpenNap servers have been forced to ban this client because of undesired actions (hammering servers with search requests, logging ghosts on multiple servers on the same network, terrible queuing practices, etc).


OpenNap clients, other

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