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A social situation where a tyrant or abuser moderates free will and removes basic human freedoms. Oppression is not just about individuals making other individuals suffer. It often involves the forgoing of one’s own opinion to the majority and fights against domination and despotism.

Oppression is often justified because someone or a group of people benefit financially from the situation. In these cases resisting oppression is best down with actions that hamper further economic growth. Hardcore anarchists believe oppression is a bad thing that occurs when any laws are enforced.

The first rule any oppressive relationship is to establish a role based on a hierarchy of differing rules between peers where the oppressor gains something from another’s expense. Once this un-equal submissive domination is established the oppressor can subsequently change the rules at will, leading to further abuse. This cycle of violence can be dangerous.

Oppression includes subjugation between communities using alternate means and different plans. It can manifest itself through bad government like dictatorships, communism, plutocracy, or a monarchy. Another major source of oppression is religious ideology by means of conservative traditions, sexism, racism, homophobia and other discrimination. Oppression can come about because of feelings related to groups of other people for example, xenophobia, as well as classism and ageism. Oppression includes institutionalised bullying and is found within sadomasochistic relationships. Genoicide, aparthied, ethnic cleansing and slavery are often the legacy of ongoing oppression.

Opression is also linked to propaganda, censorship, copyright and other information control. Oppression could easily include terrorism or other psychological attacks, including the direct use of external force or authority and economic suppression via careful crafted trading and corporate laws. It can arise from negligence and a lack of offical response to noise and other pollution, poor standards, bullying and harrassment, defamation, domestic violence, propaganda, fraud, etc.

Democracy, mass media and education can sometimes assist the removal of oppression, however instituations are easily corrupted. Assertion assists those seeking to reject oppression. Activism, liberalism, feminism, boycotts, collaboration, civil disobedience, and free speech have all been used to fight oppression with greater success.

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