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Peekabooty is a peer-to-peer distributed proxy. Users unwillingly behind a firewall or other filtering software can use this application to bypass censorship. When Peekabooty is installed, the user‘s web browser will pass all requests through the application that will then forward requests to other Peekabooty users. This continues until a node is found which is not blocked by a firewall; then the content is sent back through the chain to the node who made the original request.

There is one caveat in this method: The last person serving the page will be known to the recipient and so indirectly to authorities. As such he could be charged by the laws of his country for serving “dangerousinformation or even Bad Things such as child pornography.

Peekabooty is obviously advantageous in nations such as China, where more than 10,000 websites are routinely scanned and blocked by the government, mostly for political reasons. Internet censorship on religious grounds is also widespread in some countries.

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