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Date: May 1st, 2004

“Piratbyr�n (the pirate bureau) demonstrated on three locationsSubmitted: 2004, May the 2nd, 00:49

In three cities supporters of the Pirate Bureau demonstrated under slogans like “The welfare society starts at 100 Mbit” and “abolish copyright”. In Stockholm almost 200 persons demonstrated, in Ume� about a hundred and in Malm� a bold handful. The participants chanted newmade slogans like “Use the force – Open Source” and “We want six, we want six, we want 600 Mbit” (pun lost in translation), and carried homemade banners with piracy and file sharing themes. In Stockholm the first Copyswap ever was pulled off, where people exchanged their privately burned discs with film or music with their new friends. In Ume� a price was awarded to the best dressed pirate; a real harddrive.

Both in Stockholm and Ume� there was particular focus on the newly finished campaign “Stoppa Fluktarna” (stop what? Will some Swedes help me out?), aiming to put pressure on the ISPs, so that they will not accept the media industry’s mafia methods; spying on Internet users and subsequently reporting them to their ISPs.

In Ume� the demonstration marched by three large ISPs having offices in Ume�, and in Stockholm the final destination was Datainspektionen where 23000 signatures was passed over – burned on CDROM. Datainspektionen couldn’t be bothered, so the list was put in their mailbox.

The Pirate Bureau wishes to thank everybody that participated in the demonstrations today. We showed that we exist for real, and that we have a force to be reckoned with. Until the next happening – keep on pirating!


Photos: http://www.piratbyran.org/1majbilder/

See also Piratbyran’s “Little Pirates” Campaign, helping parents procure educational and entertaining material for their kids for free!

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Bureau of Piracy demonstrated in three cities

Posted: 2004-05-02 00:49

In three cities, supporters of the Bureau of Piracy today demonstrated under paroles like “Wellfare society starts at 100Mbit” and “Abolish Copyright”. In Stockholm, close to 200 persons demonstrated, in Ume� about a hundred and in Malm� a brave half a dozen.The participants scanned newly thought of chatchphrases such as “Use the force – Open Source” and “We want six, we want six, we want 600Mbit”, carrying home-made banners with pirate or file sharing themes. In Stockholm, the first Copyswap in history was carried out, where those with home burnt movies or music CDs shared with their newfound friends. In Ume�, a prize for the best dressed pirate was given, a hard drive.

Both in Stockholm and in Ume�, the speeches focused on the newly finished campaign “Stop the Peepers”, which alludes to putting pressure on the Internet providers not to accept the trade associations’ mob-style methods when they spy on the Internet users in order to be able to report them to their Internet provider.

In Ume�, the demonstration marched past the three big Internet providers with offices in the city, and in Stockholm, the end destination was the Computer Inspection, where signatures on CD-rom were handed in at 23:00. The Computer Inspection did not deem the Bureau of Piracy worthy of their time, so the list was dropped in their mailbox.

The Bureau of Piracy would like to thank everyone who joined the demonstration today. We showed that we actually exist, and we’re a force to be reckoned with. Until the next arrangement – keep pirating!








piratbyran.org also hosts the Swedish and very popular BitTorrent site ‘the pirate bay’ at http://www.thepiratebay.org

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