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What is Political?

The art and science of making a government. Nearly everything you do is part of a political process, regardless of ideology or involvement in the formation of government. Politics is activity that relates to creating governments and other institutions of authority.

Politics includes all the diplomacy, expression and developments which are used to resolve conflicts. It is often about economic disputes. Much political discussion refers to the ideas of liberty and freedom. Politics is often perceived to be about the resolution of conflict within a particular community or jurisdiction.

Politics is about the future, activism, collaboration and progress. Issues like civil rights, terrorism, religion, political correctness, income distribution, free trade and social engineering are all very political charged.

The political process is fraught with corruption, propaganda, fraud and other misdeeds. Politics rarely leads to positive outcomes for everyone involved. However the big fight for power is between the haves and the have-nots. Because politics often deals with who gets what, and how it is distributed, anticapitalists believe that politics is all about maintaining a hierarchy, of a few elite who retain power.

Politics manifests itself as a stealthy charade of fraud, oppression and domination by narrow special interests. It is based on forming alliances or parties with members of the public who share opinion and preference. Many people see politics as a social interaction of last resort in which participants play games and trick others into the belief that they are getting something, when something is in reality being taken from them.

The Fourth Estate

The mass media is often described as the fourth estate in representative democracies. The role they play is vital in providing accountability for the actions of politicians. If it wasn’t for journos reporting on major political activity, government would not exist as we know it. An ongoing problem for politics is the simplification of politics into left and right, or liberal and conservative, without providing any real debate.

Owners and Workers

The Bush administration is doing the world a great service, we are currently going through a crash course on power politics and its crimes. The first thing to learn about is how money works, because money is how power is exercised. The USA has the biggest leverage because it gets free money from the world. It has also the biggest and richest elite-class.

No need to explain that rich people want to defend their ‘right’ to be rich. Consequently new tools needed to be fine-tuned to preserve the status-quo and stop the general population from demanding such awful things as progressive taxes.

Food and Animals

Food is often taken for granted, but it is also a political realm. People who follow the philosophies of vegetarianism and veganism are often motivated by political deductions, generally regarding the exploitation and abuse of animals. Vegetarianism and Veganism thus also relate to the exploitation of humans in various political contexts. Caring for animals and plants is a concern for those interested in environmentalism.

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