Private File Sharing Networks

See also: File sharing | Proprietary | Closed source

All of the above networks are publically accessible. There are some networks which have whitelist access. That is, they deny access to all but the privaliged few who are given explicit access.

  • BadBlue – (Windows) – A small footprint webserver that allows you to invite “friendly machines” and search their list of shared files. Includes PHP & Perl support and spreadsheet/document sharing and viewing within the browser.
  • B.efficientcross-platform commercial collaboration solution for business. Focus on easy-of-use, requiring minimal administration, and extensible.
  • FolderShare – secure file access with a simple Web browser.
  • Groove – (Windows) – A large (bloated?) private collaboration software that allows users in companies or elsewhere to trade files and collaborate in other ways in a closed, encrypted environment. Developed by the creator of Lotus Notes and funded with ridiculous amounts of venture capital.
  • LAN2P – A free, secure, File Sharing solution not hindered by Firewalls. Current version requires at least one non-DHCP or NAT address, and possibly both.
  • Paranoia – (Java) – An alpha-stage program that has not moved any direction in a long time. Allows private file sharing system that uses trust metrics to decide the reputation of a certain user.
  • PRIVARIA – a secure, free, and open-source alternative but with less business focus than the above tools, providing more of an Instant Messaging service.
  • WASTE – similar to PRIVARIA but behind in terms of development. Much smaller footprint and from the creator of Winamp.

(Note: These each need to be identified and sorted as a Centralized Clients or Decentralized Clients).


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