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Psychology is the scientific knowledge related to brain consciousness, reasoning, human behaviour and mind function. There are four principles of effective action: self-education, education of others, fighting injustice and organizing.

Whenever people learn something well, they cease to be aware of it. In essence, only when things disappear in this way are we freed to use them without thinking and so to focus beyond them on new goals.

One approach to researching psychology is thorugh behaviorism ( which observes and quantifies aspects of behavior, without regard to emotion.

On the other hand, people will tend to do what feels good. Sometimes when people like to do things that harm other people they can be held accountable by law enforcement or vigilanties. Another theory is that behaviour is chemical driven.

Further still, are the concepts of free will and autonomy. The difference between idea of free will and reality is that free will exponents assume we can morph into any behavior and there are no physiological impediments, such as our genetics, to these behavioral changes.

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