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Two DOS (Disk Operating System) replacement programs

1. Paragon Systems’ PTS-DOS ( – An open-source (but not free) DOS replacement fully compatible to MSDOS 6.22 and Microsoft Windows 3.x. Includes a variety of other nice features missing from MSDOS.(It is not really open source. Only the source code of an old Paragon PTS-DOS Version is available. PhysTechSoft says, the Paragon-Version is illegal, because the source code was stolen by programmers which left PhysTechSoft and founded Paragon).

2. PhysTechSoft DOS ( –

From the home page:

PTS-DOS is the powerful and fastest DOS with network support, file manager, archiver, internal boot viruses protection and numerous utilities package. Now PTS-DOS pack contains graphical web browser, e-mail client, telnet and ftp client!

the unofficial faq page + DOS wiki (

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