Public Sphere

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Ideal global political unit emcompassing universal sufferage. The Public Sphere may develop to keep the process of globalization in check. If a real public sphere was created there should be evidence of it’s effects on society, the individual and our communities.

This concept was first described by Habermas, a German philosopher. Since the large growth in electronic communication, in particular the Internet, the idea of the public sphere been widely discussed and debated.

One manifestation of a global public sphere, might be an identifable and effective source of peer-to-peer journalism which spreads across the Internet. With a global public sphere much more effective at informing than the mass media, some balance may return to the forces driving globalization.

The Public Sphere needs less less rationing of public discourse, ie. everyone should be able to have an equal say on matter that affect them. It also requires greater public access to the broadcast commons and less dominance of international news sources so that it may generate profit for local communities.

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