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Home Page: http://www.quicktime.com

File Extension: MOV, AVI

Quicktime is Apple‘s proprietary video container and API that supports things like capture from DV devices, streaming, and playback. Codecs like 3ivx and Sorenson Video 3 use MOV while older versions use AVI. Note that the various Quicktime versions (4, 5, 6) are different distributions of compression formats.


Since the codec is proprietary there is no stable open-source implementation available.

  • Quicktime for Linux – Supports mainly local (non-streamed), uncompressed Quicktime formats.
  • MPlayer – Supports streamed, compressed and uncompressed Quicktime formats using a hacked (hex-editted) Windows DLL also available on the site. Not always stable. MEncoder, MPlayer’s Movie Encoder, can reencode such a Quicktime movie to a different format, for example Xvid. Note that to play from a stream, sometimes RTSP support in MPlayer needs to be compiled into it because the server uses this protocol
  • Linux – Howto: watch online Quicktime / Real streams using Linux.

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