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A rating is a classification of similar things, which describes certain characterists of an object with a scale. Ratings may be a standard aggregate calculation or an individual assessment.

Rating systems are often based on rules, however many have no clearly defined code. Ratings are always subjective because they are based on peoples opinions and preferences.

A consistently poor rating can lead to a bad reputation. This perception can modify people’s behaviour.


  • For security purposes a risk analysis may provide a rating of an attack probability.
  • Network packets may be rated for a processing by nodes.
  • In file sharing networks, rating is an overall evaluation of a file‘s dependability. This includes whether all sources’ for a file: filenames match, sizes match, and amount of instances of a file.
  • In collaborative filtering or open source activities a rating may be awared based on reputation or contributions to a project.
  • The concept of “rating” can also be applied to such topics as trust.
  • RVW (Semantic standard for ratings. check hublog.info)

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