Real Hacker

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A rare title given to individuals with exceptional skills as a Hacker.

Characteristics of a Real Hacker:

  • Generally eschew the use of a Pseudonym and instead openly use their legal name.
  • May be seen to be “hacking around” with any number of projects at once, “sharpening the saw” or just playful exploration. As the Real Hacker tends to be more capable of directing skill, they tend to “play” in these ways less than the hacker-type.
  • Are frequently seen as wise and Enlightened (guru-like), especially to those who don’t fully perceive the amount of effort such a person puts into knowing what they do.

Of course, being a Real Hacker is nothing special, just like being a Real Grocery Shopper isn’t. It’s just something one aspires to, and the only benefit is to the person himself who wants to become a Real Hacker. It’s a hobby.

Note the capitalization of Real Hacker.

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