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Research is based on a detailed analysis of a particular topic or thing for knowledge gathering purposes. It often involves the search for new information to help develop some project or cause.

The reasons for conducting research can be vary from science and education, through to innovation, inventions, design and reverse engineering. A lot of high-end research is very expensive and needs government subsidy to begin. Research activities can be done in collaboration manner or one might do-it-yourself. To retain integrity, all research should be verified by peer review.

Research based investigations and experiments are often undertaken to test a theory, define a framework, answer a question, to make a system run optimally or to progress a project towards an ideal state. Research and scientific endeavours have no theoretical boundaries. Human intelligence suggests we will always be curious and want to investigate.

Many people turn to a library with all its books to access research material. Transcripts, databases and archives are also used for research. If a task requires heavy or deeper research it probably has a high learning curve.

Some areas of computer science requiring more research include Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and the Semantic Web. Researchers are often keen to share their work openly. There are many informative web sites which can aid research, such as Citeseer.

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