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The term revolution originated from the science of astronomy meaning one complete rotation in an orbit. Originally the word revolution reffered to the restoration of a previous form of government. At the time of the French Revolution the word acquired is current opposite meaning, that of abrupt and violent change.

Many people believe that there is a communications revolution we are experiencing in the Information Age. There is a continuing debate as to whether or not the last revolution or anything with new radical impacts is actually occuring.


  • IndustrialComplexity and interdependence, local markets breaking down, bureaucracies, union formation, 24 hour production, workforces organised into 10 000’s of people, innovations in accounting, statistics, information processing, mass communications (telegraph then telephone, radio, cinemas, television, etc. Railways, factories, steam, coal and other fossil fuel power. Significant global population growth and rapid rise in energy consumption, power driven printing, postal services, professional management, advertisements spread, wide circulation of mail order catalogs, first phonographic recordings made, mass-production of pornography, common currency

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