How to safeguard yourself on the Internet against RIAA prosecution:

Note: This only affects users sharing music files. Being prosecuted is very unlikely – approximately 1 in 10,000.


More tips from the EFF.
  • Block RIAA sources with a tool like PeerGuardian. Similarly, administrators should configure servers to blacklist RIAA IP Address ranges wherever possible.
DONATE: To peer-to-peer legal defence fund.


A good source for actively-updated RIAA News: http://www.zeropaid.com

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: “The latest copyright suits this week bring to 382 filed since the Washington-based Recording Industry Association of America announced its legal campaign nearly six months ago.”

P2PNet: “Twenty-two days to go to Christmas and the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has filed lawsuits against another 41 p2p users it claims have violated copyrights owned by its masters, the Big Five (Four, Three?) music labels.”

USA Today: “Despite bad press for turning on its customers, the recording industry said Wednesday that it would sue 41 more people, alleging they illegally downloaded music from the Internet.”

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