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Referring to the health, strength and durability of something. Robustness comes from resistance to attack not by applying force. In computing terms, being robust is about reliability or being available 24/7, or not having much downtime.

Robustness is an important characterists of the internet. Network design is a key factor in the availability of data. A robust file sharing program may not provide all the desired data all the time but will deliver a sustained measure of reliability, matching queries and completing downloads.


  • Robust e-mail allows a company to convert most of their communications from paper to a digital form.
  • Robust web sites allow customers to purchase items worldwide at any time of day and without fear of errors.
  • Robust computer platforms perform without stress or downtime, improving productivity.
  • People prefer robust, always-on networking systems such as ISDN versus dial-up, even if they are not much faster.
  • OpenBSD is considered more robust than Linux and Linux is considered more robust than Windows.
  • Use of a data haven is a very robust way to store information.

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