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A sandbox is a box filled with sand. For a long time, these have been traditional play-areas for children. The term has been adapted to describe the “play” concept. A sandbox in today’s context is often used to describe an environment suitable for “hacking around“, or constructive play.

In the computer-world, the term “sandbox” often refers to a trusted-secured setup, or one which does not need to be secure at all. For example, many people set up a spare computer as a “sandbox” to try out new operating systems or software, especially programmers.

Some security programs creating a “sandbox” that allows another program to be run inside itself and the program’s activity can be observed while being limited, especially Viruses.Because of some health concerns, there are places where a form of sawdust is used as a replacement for sand in a play area. However, sawdustbox just sounds wrong. <code> =) </code>

People who want to play around in this wiki can play in the iA Sandbox

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