savIRC is a relatively new IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client, completely written in tcl/tk. It runs on both Linux/Unix and Windows systems, and possibly also on OS X, although this is not confirmed. savIRC supports features most IRC clients have, including support for multiple connections and unicode, but unlike most clients, presents this in a very user friendly way. Some say it looks like mIRC, although this is not the aim of the project.

savIRC was started in 2001 by Saverio Castellano. He carried savIRC to the 1.95 release. In 2003, the project was dead in the water. No development was done anymore. Worse yet, the code had forked into a Linux and Windows variants. Halfway into 2004, the project was picked up by two other developers (Sander van Grieken & Casey Ackels). They merged the forks together and fixed most apparent bugs.Currently savIRC is very stable but still under further development.New tcl coders are always welcome.

savIRC is licensed under GPL

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