Script kiddie

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1. Noun – A sort of Bad Guy; usually a person who has zero or close to zero knowledge about programming concepts. The person just uses Exploits found by other Hackers – hence the name. As the name also suggests the majority are teenagers longing for attention.

“You need to update your systems to avoid being attacked by a script kiddie.”

2. Adjective – A defaming term. Lower on the social scale than a hacker or cracker often used to refer to someone with inadequate skills.

“That script kiddie loser couldn’t crash a 1.0 beta NT box.”

Because of the dissemination of formerly closed information, any desirous person with enough free time could conceivably become knowledgable enough to be a threat in a number of circumstances. Script kiddies are one of the factors that encouraged security through obscurity. While the computerized world has become vastly more learned over it’s lifespan, there are those who are inexperienced, uneducated or unprepared enough to be threatened by a script kiddie.

This term is frequently shortened to “kiddie”, often to intentionally degrade those it is used to describe. “Munchkin” and other derogatory terms are also used in it’s place.

A Day in the Life of a Script Kiddie:

  • Pick a host.
  • Scan all common ports
  • Do a banner check on open ports.
  • Look for a match in you remote exploits database.
  • Apply exploit.
  • If not already root, find all suid programs.
    • Look for a match in your local exploits database.
    • Apply exploit.
  • Install rootkit.
  • Sanitize logs (this may or may not have already been done by the rootkit.)
  • Install a backdoor or two.
  • Then sit back and marvel at your “skill” at 0wning a box.
  • Followed by, install a DDOS bot.
  • Repeat x thousand times.
  • DDoS the hell out of anything and everything that catches your attention.
  • Or alternatively, setup ftp and use the box as a warez dump for all your fellow kiddiez.

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