Searching File Sharing Networks Using Generic Keywords

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A good way to search for a wider variety of content is with generic keywords. Searching this way brings up all kinds of stuff. Try the following; upped, serial, series, tips, banned, introduction, collection, complete, compilation, classic, regged, deleted, photo, amateur, blooper, cracked, must see, exclusive and bundle for starters.

Other suggestions include extreme, hardcore, close up, best ever, gallery, edition, rare, premium, hits, tools, pack, full, how to, bonus, crash, burn, retro, puzzle, shoot and 3D.

Searching for the publisher or producer of material is also a good way to search. Try finding material with the word for the file type eg. “WAV” or file media eg. “video“. To bring up lots of interesting hits, one could also search for material by using a year eg.”2003”.


While searching for artist names is one way to find files, other music related terms describing styles, sound descriptions, favourite labels, venues, djs, distributors and stores. For example white label, club, techno, chill, deep, hard, noise and vocal.

Appending additional keywords onto an existing search string can help narrow the search down or find interesting variations on a song.

  • mix
  • remix
  • acapella
  • acoustic
  • cover

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