Sharp Zaurus SL-C700

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From their homepage:

Its innovative swiveling screen transforms the shape from PDA-style to laptop-style. (The SL-C700 is fully-functional either way.) Once in laptop-style, you can utilize the QWERTY keyboard, with its great tactile feedback. The Sharp VGA (640×480) screen is truly awesome: bright and razor sharp. In fact, sometimes it’s so detailed it can be difficult to read the text; fortunately, there’s a built-in zoom function that allows you to zoom up on the screen in five steps. Each step is larger than the previous, but none suffers any loss of quality. The screen’s orientation automatically adjusts when you swivel it. It’s a very impressive design.
The Zaurus SL-C700 weighs 225g and measures 120 x 83 x 18.6mm. It has compact flash and SD card slots, as well as an IrDA port. The user accessible RAM has 32mb, with approximately 18mb used by the OS. (This is subject to change, as we are constantly refining the OS to increase English functionality and to run faster.) Of course, additional CF or SD cards can add copious RAM. The battery provides around 4 hours of use per charge. There is a stereo-out for MP3 playback.

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