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Acronym: Secure Internet Live Conferencing

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SILC Project develops the Secure Internet Live Conferencing protocol (SILC), which is designed to provide most rich featured conferencing services and high security. The SILC Project has been coordinating the protocol development for the past few years and the protocol specifications has been made available through the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The SILC Project’s goal is to fully standardize the SILC protocol in the IETF.
The project also develops the reference implementation of the SILC protocol, both client and server sides. For software developers the project has created SILC Toolkit which provides the libraries for third-party developers to integrate SILC support in their products. Finally, SILC Project is also responsible of coordinating the SILC Network, its development and maintenance. The SILC Network provides users a public and free access to SILC network and its services.

The SILC client has a similar interface as the standard Irssi one.

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