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Slashdot is a web site much like infoAnarchy except that is a owned by its parent company, VA Linux. It has a far high number of readers and instead of just covering internet related news and information, /. covers all sorts of technology related news. Slashdot lists the most active stories, posters, editors statistical information at the Hall of Fame and also has an advanced rating system.

The site is coordinated by a group of editors which allow for the posting of bits of news (usually a link together with a comment) and lets both users and anonymous people post comments.

It is likely the most trafficed site that caters to geeks interests and their causes. Slashdot is so popular that within an hour or less time of an editor placing an article on the front page, there will often be hundreds of comments posted in response.

The heavy browsing of a popular linked website on the front page of /. has created what is known as the Slashdot Effect.

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