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An multi-platform open-source HTTP proxy caching program written in Java. When combined with Web surfing, this tool improves the browser experience.

SmartCache (theoretically) runs on any system which has Java installed. To use it, start it and point your web browser to the local IP number, port 8118 (default settings; configurable). You then switch off your browser’s internal disk cache.

Its author is Radim Kolar.


  • SmartCache allegedly has smarter caching algorithms than the internal browsers. In any event, it doesn’t cache partial pages like IE; it will continue to download pages after a page has been cancelled in by the user. This facilitiates browsing offline or downloading large pages/files in the background
  • Shared cache between browsers. If you use more than one browser, they can share the same cache.
  • Browsable cache. SmartCache has a rudimentary HTML interface for searching and viewing pages in the cache.
  • SmartCache can configured to forward requests to other proxies, such as Squid at your ISP, or an ad-blocking program on your own system.
  • User-configurable garbage collection (periodic clearing the cache of older pages.)

SmartCache is similar to the Zend2 engine used in PHP.

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