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  1. Socialism as state system
  2. Socialism as political ideology

1. State system

A socialist state is a state based on socialist principles of cooperation, community and equality. While the holy grail for all socialists is the same, the method used to get there is highly debated.

It is common socialism principles are mixed with principles of capitalism, democraticism or communism. Although the set of principles differs, some common ones include:

  • Overal high tax. Higher than a (pure) capitalist, social darwinist, libertarian state.
  • High tax for rich people, lower tax for the poor or each pays on basis of ablity.
  • Social insurance such as basic or advanced healthcare. Some of these insurances are obligated.
  • Sometimes, strict rules which result in dogmaticism or censorship also apply.
  • Workers have control over production but in authoritarian socialist goverments, the government will have full control over production.

2. Political ideology

A synonym sometimes lousely used to describe anarchism. Unlike conservatives who see natural hierarchies, socialists tend to see justice when there is equality.

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