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Society is based on the diverse cultural interactions between people, for example Friend-to-friend or p2p. Society is about the populations we mingle with in real life and the communities and Sub-Cultures which emerge. It might be possible for all our societies to grow into the singular vision of a global village. Vast differences make this reality and a utopia improbable.

Societies are often based on one culture but many places are multicultural. Typically societies revolve around what is mainstream and popular. Threats to that which is traditionally popular are often deemed to be dangerous and attacked. The manipulation of the public through fear and it’s affect on society is often underestimated.

Societies adopt law, codes, rules, ethics or morality and etiquette to prevent total chaos. Some people think the stronger your social ties the better, yet anti-social behaviour is common. Social activities are often based on cooperation and collaboration, although criticism is a form of positive resistance.

Social engineering, Social networking and other social activities often involve talk, sayings and chat. Most societies allow members of their population to freely associate with other people autonomously. Tyranny, censorship and oppression of people’s human rights and civil liberties can all interfere with social endeavours.

Sociology is proclaimed to be a science of social facts, while Socialism is a political ideology based on social ideals. Social activities have strong cause and effect relationships, especially when communication is clear, open and unmediated. Consider the careful thought given to language, activism, the public sphere, public opinion, debate and the ever present public relations and advertisement chatter.

In other words, the power of the people and ideology is strong. Groups of people can definately affect politics, shape governments, modify outcomes and deliver progress sometime in the future. Examples of notable social dynamics, related to iA include;

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