See also: Truth

A classification, usually a true description of a dynamic thing at one particularly time. For example an Internet or network connection status can be online or offline. Data is often measured to authenticate and validate information.

Software version numbers are a status of an application‘s development, so to are the alpha, beta, release phases of the The Software Cycle. Monopoly status is achieved after a certain market saturation threshold is reached. Ping, lag, and noise levels have important status levels for network users.

Projects who status is defunct end up in the The Halls Of The Dead. Patents can have a pending status or may be classified as prior art. Celebrity status can be achieved if something gains temporary popularity, for example Napster, KaZaa or BitTorrent.

Status is also a judgement on how one looks to a person or situation. E.g. how a civilian looks at a lying government official, a police officer securing an airport, at the achievements of a software developer such as Linus Torvalds. This is a judgement by an individual hence it is a subjective measure.

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