Sysop policy

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What follows is a proposed system for banning users who abuse this, the TD123 wiki. It is currently in a wireframe status – suggests and modifications welcome.

Actions resulting in banning:

  • Re-posting to TD123 multiple times on content that has been deemed not useful. Also called Hammering.
  • Posting material that is very obviously spam or which seeks to solely to alter Google or other Internet Search Engine rankings.
  • Behavior that is acutely troll-like (sysops should be careful and keep a check on each other’s interpretation here).
  • Actions which specifically or consistantly attack ways in which This Wiki Is Useful.
  • Material that is copyrighted and then complained about by the copyright owner is subject to removal, and users posting such material may be banned.

Other problematic actions are:

  • Material consisting primarily of obscenities.
  • Excessive flaming or flaimbaiting

(Note: research other wikis’ practices for more suggestions on ban policies.)

Links or pages created concerning commercial interests are allowed only if:

  1. They are seen by regular users as germane to the rest of the site. Links to and IBM’s laptop sections may be useful. Links to vacuum cleaners in China is NOT and never will be. Some moderator discretion is assumed.
  2. They use iA formatting and clearly state the nature and purpose of the link.

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