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Talk generally refers to any discussion, dialogue, or chat that is spoken.

Since the TD123 wiki software was changed to mediawiki it is no longer necessary to explicitly create talk page links. The discussion tab at the top of each page is used instead.

Table of contents 1 What Is A Talk Page?
2 Why Use /Talk?
3 How to use /Talk
4 When to Remove Talk Comments =
5 When to Move Talk Debates

What Is A Talk Page?

A talk page is displayed as Talk at the bottom of a wiki page. This is a special sub-topic used for “to do” lists, or for general chatter (or argument!) about the topic in question. It’s important to keep conversation in a /Talk page topical, as it becomes difficult to find a conversation if it’s buried in a strange place on the wiki.

Why Use /Talk?

  • As a memory aid — The Talk page allows you to write rough notes or commit unfinished parts of a work to a space attached to a topic. It’s much more available to have your notes in /Talk than in a separate space on your own computer.
  • To show your work as you go — Adding notes to a Talk page allows you to share your creative process with others collaboratively
  • It helps keep the main topic clean — Putting your rough work in /Talk keeps the primary topic much neater from general and frequently off-topic conversation. The main topic will be uncluttered and useful, even while it’s information is being reworked in /Talk.
  • For swift recording — If you don’t have the time (or expertise) to write something worthy of a main topic, adding it to /Talk lets your ideas stick to the wiki, to be picked up and

How to use /Talk

  • Add comments to the bottom of an existing comment.
  • Indent, where useful, by using colons ” : ” at the start of your sentences.
  • Try to leave other people’s entries in /Talk alone, so they can more easily refer to their previous additions.
  • If conversing on a /Talk page from a Name Page, it appears to be appropriate to cut-and-paste to send the entire conversation over to the recipient’s Name Page/Talk .. to respond there.

Remember, the effort you could put towards adding comments to /Talk might be better served revising the topic itself!

When to Remove Talk Comments =

  • When suggestions/comments have been integrated into the original page.
  • Very old – more than two months.
  • Excessively offensive, meaningless, or off-topic (Graffiti)
  • Your own comments which you find no longer needed
  • On your own Yourname/Talk or other sub-page: generally considered “yours” to add and remove as you see fit.

When to Move Talk Debates

TakeDown.NET -> “Talk