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Technology is the application of innovative art and science for the mechanised production of goods and services from natural resources. Technology is not just about new gadgets and inventions. It encompasses the application of all technical knowledge and experience to produce something useful such as a product a working system, a methodology or other result. Technology can refer to something more abstract like a process as well.

Technology is created for the benefit of a user and the wider community. Take electricity for example, it is what people want and that is why it is important. A crucial strength of a society is its basic research and technological resources. While technology may be engineered for a specific task or set of tasks, it often can be used for reasons beyond initial intentions.

Technology may also be characterised by Function Creep and Feature Creep. It may also be cutting-edge or even bleeding-edge. Advances in technology are making it easier to be a digital pirate.

The current limits of technology based upon natural laws have not been codified. This lack of information allows people to repeatedly make false assertions over long periods of time. Advances in cybernetics, computer technology and scientific research arguably create the best new sources of knowledge which describe the true limits of human capacity.

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