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We all know the state of television, broadcast and other content industry players is in decline. We not help by adding to a wishlist here at iA? Provide some criticism or add a comment. If you want to see something on television or have something removed from television, list your suggestion here.

Just imagine your a junior producer and you want to progress television so it can compete against all the new digital media. If you can, list the country or place, television channel, program, host name or any other distinguising feature.




Several TV and radio stations broadcast WMV / WMA (sometimes with DRM) these days, whereas one with cable access is able to make a perfect, digital rip. The protection makes no sense, the format can only be read by people who run Windows Media Player or who have a player with WMV / WMA support, which from a legal standpoint requires a license from Microsoft. In The Netherlands, some of these stations are even payed by public fundings (government). Realplayer used to be the standard, which is somewhat more cross-platform. Some ran both formats for a while, but a lot have switched to WMV / WMA-only recently. Confirmed stations: NOS (TV, news), 3FM (Radio, pop music), both publicly funded.


BBC World News

Click Online – I wish BBC would get of rid of that grey haired man who hosts this program. Simon Cole is a real turn-off, terribly unhip and backwards. He is way too old to be presenting a technology show. He regularly talks about rubbish like “Digital Rights” and “Copy Protection”. The other middle-aged hosts of this show are equally demure. Whoever is responsible for hiring and placing these guys on this show should be sacked too.


I wish there were less managers at CNN who repeatedly order staff to distort news reports. This would have to be the worst trait similar outlets feature. I wish there were more shows like World Report. It is one of CNN’s better programs because the only CNN staff contribution is to introduce reports produced by other journalism outlets. When you watch this show you can easily see the difference between the collection of external news items and other CNN “news” programming and how openly biased the network is.
There is less of the centralized rhetoric which quickly becomes boring with its “pretend and mislead” sessions of bad questioning and adamant guests spouting un-opposed lies and propaganda making the television a dumbo box. All that right-wing, pro-business, marketing rubbish the presenters persist with, eg. only discuss it the topic from this narrow angle, ask multiple questions which can then be avoided without a direct answer, other gimicky public relations tricks and semantic games, restrictive discourse rules like don’t say this, don’t say that, use of ridiculous superlatives, repeated use of keywords and buzzwords, and many other countless examples of easily observable improper, inadequate, untrustworthy jibber simply and quickly raises the question – whose agenda does their crooked behaviour support?



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