(not all terrists anarchize, and to anarchize does not make you a terrist – it’s orthogonal)


A terrist is an “Earth patriot”, a person who considers activities that reduce the life sustaining capacity of Earth to be alien, and persons who advocate such activities, to be enemies.

The term seems to have been deliberately coined in mockery of the term terrorist, and the abbreviated misspelling and mispronunciation of that term by some in the USA, who the genuine terrist considers enemies.

The Earth Liberation Front, Anarchist Golfers Association, Church of Euthanasia, and sometimes even Earth First, Greenpeace and Wild Greens and Deep ecology groups, are described as terrist groups, probably for advocacy of culture jamming, political confrontation, ecotage and trolling, considered prime terrist tactics. There seems to be no clear statement of any ideology called Terrism, but, this might simply reflect the fact that reality and ecology aren’t ideology. Advocates of these tactics simply claim they are self-defense, and that any attempt to claim that they follow an ideology trivializes bodies and threats to living things. See list of ethics topics on such issues.

Some Bioneer or Black bloc or Green anarchism or even mainstream Green movement or social ecology groups however also advocate such views. As part of the same general smear campaign and moral panic that invented the propaganda termecoterrorism” (a phenomena that does not exist, there has never been a single death due to any action by any, even the most extreme, groups), they are sometimes derided as terrists or even openly called “terrorist“. Even Green Party of the United States officers have been placed deliberately on no-fly lists to prevent them from getting to meetings, clearly a very basic disruption of democracy.

Environmentalism has always had at least a civil disobedience and sabotage wing, and those who do not believe that looters should be permitted to talk and log, or create climate change for-profit, have always resorted sometimes to illegal acts. Political conservatives, even those who are part of the conservation movement, tend not to agree, and point to the necessarily peaceful nature of conservation activity. After all, it is simply not possible to violently defend all of nature from humans, given the distribution of human attention. For similar reasons, Green Parties see nonviolence as a constraint – they do not believe that vigilante action can effectively “save nature”.

For all these reasons, positive use of this term is considered propaganda by the enemies of pro-Earth movements. For instance, the Wikipedia article on this subject has been censored several times.

The term Terran is closely related but implies more clearly a position on technology questions, particularly, whether artificial intelligence is an appropriate technology for anything, or a competitor to hominids – an issue explored more directly by the Neo-Luddite critics.

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