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Truth is a statement, measure or status that is accurate or equal with respect to objective reality. Since accuracy is not a discrete attribute, the truth is a dangerous topic. In this case, truth becomes an agreeable opinion. Case by case, the law is forced to make such distinctions.

In many cases, truth is merely perception or opinion. See also Collective Intelligence.An informal source of news, regular advertisements and even some documentaries can be highly persuasive even if they are not completely true.

Believing what is true people will take action based on their individual needs and wants. It is often the outcome of actions upon which something is deemed to be fair, unjust or unethical. Regardless of the ploy, strategy or tactic that one uses, it is the truth that will always win.

It is commonly accepted that true progress comes from science, debate, inference, logic and reasoning. If people were better at authenticating true information and could understand reality more precisely it would most likely direct free will based on useful knowledge, which would in turn lead to greater wisdom and enlightenment.

The real Truth with a capital T of an ‘item’ would be an unknowable concept, a culmination of all viewpoints nearing the omniscience of that item. This concept should be left with Philosophy and Religion.

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