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AKA: Links2

A fast, open source, cross-platform Web browser based on the Links web browser.

Of all the Links browser flavours, TwiBright Labs’ is most impressive, having integrated graphics (with and without X11) and JavaScript support -like W3m has as well. They even went so far as to include color/brightness/contrast setting functions and an excellent testing diagram, helping users get the best visual experience. This software is extremely fast and pretty, and features all the right keyboard shortcuts often missing from graphical browsers.

While there are some obvious formatting flaws when comparing links to one of the other massive browsers out there, Links is extraordinarily pretty and fast. The fonts are remarkable.

TwiBright’s Links is for *Nix, OS/2, BeOS, OS X, Win32, among others.

The software hasn’t been updated in a long while, and improvement seems to rely on donations (money to the developers, or code by programmers).

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