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Unicode is a 16-bit standard character set that allows encoding of most of the major languages and character types (unlike ASCII that only included the English alphabet). Unicode also includes a variety of mathematical symbols and other useful characters like dingbats and arrows. Unicode is designed to be cross-platform and is compatible with HTML 4.0. Both Microsoft, Apple and the other Big Boys have integrated Unicode into their products such as operating systems and web browsers.

Unfortunately there are no complete Unicode fonts, and often users must still switch between fonts that support different languages in order to view text in a mixed format.


To view this example, a Unicode font must be installed on your machine. Internet Explorer users can go to the View menu and select “Encoding”, then “Japanese” to display the Japanese text.

  • 嗚呼さ�Eぁでぐ れとぁE��あ� れ廉ゑ手 - I am writing in Japanese
  • 阿ふぁ ダふぁ 差ふぁ得 - I am writing again in Japanese

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