United Nations

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The United Nations is a collective of 191 nations that was setup last century to promote world peace and cooperation and help form the basis of a reform to a multi-lateral system of development. It is one the pre-eminent social innovations of the 20 th century that has become important in the post cold war period. The UN is supposed to maintain peace through a system of collective security and problem solve with government cooperation.

United Nations has three major duties. Two of these are international responsibilities, to mediate between governments with opposing interests and to restrain the way in which its members treat their own citizens. The third is a global responsibility to represent the common interests (human rights and civil rights) of all the people of the world.

Unfortunately while its role may expand it doesn’t have the resources to act. Its role as a sgnificant peacekeeping military force was not planned for. The Security Council has primary responsibility for peace and security. It has 6 permanent members (USA, UK, Russia, China and France) and 10 non-permanent members. The security council has the power to authorise force with resolutions supported by a 2/3 majority and no veteos.

United Nations workers are often placed in dangerous places. Eg. drought, famine facing disease, war zones, threats of terrorist attacks. The UN has difficulty in areas where warlord control money and direct fighting, supplies, arms, etc.

The United Nations is responsible for the WIPO.

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