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Visualization is a form of communication. Visualization includes a wide range of techniques for presenting data in ways that enhance pattern observation, structure and relationships within. In computer terms it refers programming code that can create computer imagery and animation. Sometimes, these are based on audio input.


Software Visualization

Graph Visualization

is the visualization of a set of data with relations between elements. The term graph here refers to a set of nodes connected by edges, as opposed to the use of the term to refer to a scatter plot or “bargraph”. This definition comes from the CWI which is the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in the Netherlands.

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  • Orca – Orca is an open source project that provides a micro framework for data visualization
  • Libvisual – An abstraction library for *NIX which sits between applications and audio visualisation plugins. Supported are XMMS, BMP, various popular visualisation projects among them GOOM, Gforce, Nebulus, Milkdrop. Support for libvis is also added in several projects, like Gstreamer. A simple, slightly inaccurate description would be: “AVS for *NIX” although the project doesn’t include support for Winamp AVS yet.
  • OpenDx
  • SGI – Silicon Graphics Inc. a pioneer company which brought visualisation to the industry around the early 90’s.

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