Waag Society

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Home Page: http://www.waag.org

From homepage:

“Waag Society is a knowledge institute operating on the cutting-edge of culture and technology in relation to society, education, government and industry. With its knowledge Waag Society wishes to make a contribution to the design of the information society. In this it doesn’t let itself be lead by technology but instead looks at the possibilities of people, their creativity and culture. The interplay of technology and culture is the driving force of all Waag Society’s activities.

Waag Society carries out research, develops new concepts and software applications and initiates the debate in the form of public events on the cutting edge of old and new media. Its research and development programme is focused on the possible ways in which people express themselves, how they can learn and how they can work together using (new) media.”

All projects, publications, events and products of Waag Society are executed within the research & development-goals of one or more of the four programmes:

  • Creative Learning (CL)
  • Interfacing Access (IA)
  • Public Research (PR)
  • Sensing Presence (SP)

More information about this, among info about their projects, is available on the site.

Waag Society is located near the Waag building in Amsterdam, and reachable all over the world thanks to the internet. People near Waag can reach the internet via WiFi. Among lots of other things, Waag Society has released movies on the internet. See http://connect.waag.org for a few.


  • Keyworx (http://www.keyworx.org). Creating and manipulating audio and video realtime.
  • Amsterdam Realtime (http://www.waag.org/realtime/en-frame.html). Creating art with realtime GPS.

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