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Home Page: http://www.wavesec.org/

From the home page:

WAVEsec is a way to secure wireless networks such as 802.11 (often called “wavelan” after the original Lucent cards). 802.11 networks have become very commonplace – few technical conferences are now without wireless networks.

With the freedom to be untethered comes a risk – any person with a laptop within half a kilometre of you may be able to eavesdrop on your traffic. The 802.11 specification comes with something called “WEP“, which stands for “Wired Equivalent Privacy.” It is pretty weak encryption that aims to make you as secure as you would be with a wire.

The WEP goal is pretty low – it promises to reduce the risk due to eavesdropping to the normal problems of eavesdropping on the Internet. And, WEP is almost always turned off – there are significant impacts on performance of many 802.11 cards and the benefits are pretty low. We know that we can do better using the IPsec technology, such as that produced by the FreeSWAN project.

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