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Also: Website

Short form: Site

A logical grouping of web pages linked together in a free-form format using hypertext. “Site” is used in the same way that cyberspace is used – an imagined domain of Web pages of any size. A portal is a web site which serves as centralized host for useful information retrieval and sharing.

Web sites can have their own domain name, their own sub-domains like mail.yahoo.com or yes.hello.net, or their own directories on a domain or sub-domain (e.g. Geocities user-created sites). A web site is usually maintained by a single entity, and almost always has a common subject that ties all its individual pages together.

Some sites have search features built-in, otherwise it is easy to add the “site:” command to Google searches. A search engine like Google is a web site, but the pages it points one to are individual pages located on a different web site. A search engine that searches only internally to the site (such as the one on the side of every infoAnarchy Wiki page) is an exception to this.

Other common features include navigation tools, visitor counters, text only versions and low bandwidth options. Nearly every ISP, all of the Big Boys and many other other groups and individuals have their own web sites.


Web Site Tools

Web Site Grabbers


  • ReplaceEm – A free multi-file search-and-replace tool great for updating links and other information across an entire Web site.

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