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Home Page: http://wget.sunsite.dk

Aka GNU Wget

Shortform: Wget

License: GPL

GNU Wget is a non-interactive CLI download utility which can be invoked from for example a user‘s shell or from a web browser. Many projects embed GNU Wget together with their own (unique) functionality.

It includes a few nice features including:

  • Protocol support: HTTP / FTP.
  • HTTP proxy, cookie support.
  • Resuming, with -c option. Will also retry downloads in the case of a network problem.
  • Progress bar. Also fits in together with the resuming support, showing what was already there.
  • Statistics. How fast are you downloading today?
  • Spider: it can follow HTML links, download many pages, and convert the links for local viewing. Also useful for mirroring a FTP directory or web site.
  • Many NLS are available allowing the user to use GNU Wget in their own language
  • Custom browser identify header. (Pretend to be Internet Explorer or iTunes!)

GNU Wget has been ported to various platforms, including: Linux, BSD‘s, Mac OSX, Windows, OS2, and others.


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