Whirl Of Meaning

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Translation from: Bedeutungswirbel (German)

A word thought up by benni on WikiWiki.de (http://www.wikiwiki.de).

The whirly, wild approach to finding the true meaning of a topic by circling around it using multiple terms and investigating their relations amongst one-another.

I have the straight notion that whirls of meaning could be a powerful theoretical tool beyond dualism and dialectic, and that Wikis are an ideal instrument to create them. In this sense: Let�s create many whirls of meaning! — benni

The following is a very loosely and liberally translated excerpt from <i>Entwurf einer Dialektik des Geistes</i>, Teilhard de Chardin (1946):

In the course of its attempts to clarify and bring the universe around into coherency, human thinking does not only work within the familiar – it also proceeds with a succession of “back and forth” between the Known and the Less Known. Every progression made toward the understanding of the Less Known allows human thinking to recognize the Known better, and so on. This creates successive reflections of increasing insight; no continuous gushing, but a oscillating spark. These are the essential mechanics of our vision.

The whirl, the spiral reocurres here (http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?StarryNight).


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